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American Sign Language I

7th-12th Grade [Monday, 2:05-3:30]

Sheila Ives -

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Tuition: $40/mo

This is a beginning, practical hands-on course in American Sign Language—ASL.


The course will include:

  • Finger-spelling

  • Sign vocabulary

  • Deaf culture

  • Deaf idioms

  • Some ASL syntax



2-3 hours per week--mostly memorization and practice of the new sign vocabulary each week, plus some additional outside assignments, most of which require internet access.



1” 3-ring binder, with pockets

Loose Leaf Paper



Required Book

RANDOM HOUSE WEBSTER’S American Sign Language Dictionary,

2008 Edition (paperback) by Elaine Costello, PhD


Instructor:  Sheila Ives, certified sign language interpreter with 32 years experience working with the deaf.

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