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About Excellence In Home Education


Excellence In Home Education Statement of Faith


Excellence In Home Education Dress Code

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EXCEL is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation governed by its board of directors:


Brent Olsson, Chairman 

Jené Olsson, Excel Administrator

Kathy Buffington

Bill Buffington

Debi York

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Betty B.

We have been involved with EXCEL for five years and look forward to several more! We especially appreciate the structure and professionalism of the program, the variety of classes, both core and elective, and the overall Christian atmosphere. We feel that the students receive the fullness of each subject offered, which is a bonus in that we don't need to supplement for them to receive a good foundation and working knowledge! Jene' runs a tight ship, and we are thankful to be on board!

Brenda M.

Excel has been a great addition to our home school experience. My three children have been attending COOP classes with Excel for two years. The teachers are extremely helpful and the expectations are made clear. Excel provides my children the opportunity to experience a classroom setting and practice self-discipline in managing their time. Excel provides me with detailed syllabus and grades which are great for record keeping requirements. Overall, Excel allows me to homeschool my children with a great support team behind me.”

Rita E.

Our experience with Excel has been a positive one in so many areas. Our son has thrived in this environment with like minded teachers and fellow students. He has made what we believe to be lifelong friends. The communication between teacher and student, teachers and parents and staff and parents has been exceptional.

It has been our experience that the teachers have a desire to see their students succeed and they challenge them while keeping their spirit intact. The atmosphere of Excel in whole is one of positive spiritual influence.

We appreciate the rules and policies that are in place and create a safe and controlled environment where students can focus on their education while enjoying the fellowship of one another. We are thankful and blessed to be a part of Excel. 2 Peter 3:18”


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Susan C.

We began homeschooling our teenagers a year before finding EXCEL. We had been in public schools since the kids were in kindergarten, but decided to give homeschooling a try. After the first year we realized how much the kids missed being in a classroom and having interaction with and feedback from teachers. The teachers at EXCEL are fantastic! We loved having certified instructors teaching college-prep material from a Christian perspective. EXCEL also provided a great opportunity to meet other kids. We would highly recommend EXCEL to others! ”

Terry & Evelyn H.

Excel is an answered prayer! As we saw the need for a change in education, we prayed for guidance. As pastors and as small business owners, we don't have the time to invest in doing the teaching required to educate our daughter. When we heard and learned about Excel, we knew God had answered our prayers. Excel has the qualified teachers and administration for a well rounded Christian education and environment that we desire our daughter to have. After four years of being at Excel we have nothing but praise, thanks and appreciation for this wonderful organization.”

Kara A.

Our family has been attending EXCEL for several years, our oldest two children have graduated with EXCEL to move on to college and we still have children enrolled.  We have found EXCEL to be a beautiful haven of Christianity in a fallen world.  We are supported in our rolls, given by Christ, as both teacher and parent, by academically strong classes and spiritually strong teachers and administrators.  EXCEL is a community where my children have learned the importance of graphing and good literature, along with the importance of praying for, and serving, one another, and have seen Christ work through the families and staff at EXCEL more than once.  We are privileged to be part of the EXCEL family and highly recommend EXCEL at every opportunity!”

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