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[Monday, 3:35-5:00]

Emily McLeod -

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Tuition: $40/mo

Class Description

This course introduces students to the world of forces, movement, mechanics, and energy. It also lays the foundation of electricity, magnetism, and optics, and stresses a logical problem-solving approach with many examples and diagrams. Students will put their math skills to use. Presented as an algebra-based physics course.


Two years of algebra and geometry are recommended as a pre-requisite. The second year of algebra may be taken concurrently.


Required Materials

• 2 spiral or legal notebooks

• pencils

• Calculator – Scientific Calculator 


Required Text

Exploring Creation with Physics (2nd Edition/Apologia) textbook
ISBN: 1932012427

Exploring Creation with Physics Solutions and test book
ISBN: 1932012435

Work Load

• 4 -5 assignments each week

• Average 1 hour daily work to complete assignments

• Weekly assignments graded by student (and/or parent)

• Tests will be administered and signed by Parent

Teacher Background

Bachelor of Arts in Social Studies Education (Oral Roberts University)

• State of Oklahoma Teacher Certification - Middle level mathematics , Pre-algebra, Intermediate Algebra

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