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ACT Prep

9th-12th Grade [Monday, 8:50-10:15, 10:20-11:45, 12:35-2:00, 2:05-3:30, 3:35-5:00]

Susie Nix -

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Tuition: $40/mo


Are you considering college? If so, ACT test results will most likely be required for admission.   You have spent time and effort in getting an education and your coursework already prepares you to take the ACT—but learning test strategies and getting supervised practice will help you to do your best.  Preparing in this manner for the ACT will objectively assess college readiness and reveal individual academic strengths and weaknesses that can be utilized and/or worked on prior to taking tests for college entrance.  This is particularly valuable in order to avoid taking college placement exams or non-credit remedial classes. Setting a good score on the ACT will also provide an opportunity for scholarship consideration.

This course will provide:

• Test-taking strategies and tips for time management and each of the four subject areas (English, Math, Reading and Science)

• Practice, Practice, Practice of each strategy 

• Review of academic content required within each discipline (grammar, rhetorical skills, algebra, geometry, general math concepts, reading comprehension, understanding graphs, charts, etc.)

• Ample practice test passages and questions to insure that any potential gaps are filled

• An individualized plan for each student which will identify strengths and weaknesses in test-taking and/or areas of academic content

• An environment that will foster a positive mindset toward the ACT and bolster confidence in your ability to do your best 


Supply List

• Scratch paper

• Pencils and a good eraser

• An ACT approved calculator (I like a simple four-function scientific calculator like the TI-30XA)

• Spiral notebook 

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