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9th-12th Grade  [Monday,  3:35-5:00]

Angie Krizer -

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Tuition: $40/mo

Class Description

Brief overview of photography, advertising/journalism, layout, and design. Discussion of potential job opportunities in the advertising/marketing field and trends. Students will help promote and photograph SPIRIT DAY, sell ads for the yearbook, and help take candid photos for the yearbook. Students will help complete the EXCEL Yearbook for 2020-2021 by completion of class. There will usually be a short lecture weekly. Grades will come from one page paper assignments, tests, and completion of assigned yearbook pages. Students should plan to spend 2-3 hours per week on work.

Required Materials

  • Laptop (brought to class each week)

  • General computer knowledge such as Word or Google docs

  • Internet and Google Docs access at home to complete homework

  • Personal email for communication with teacher and used for login to yearbook software


Handouts will be provided. Students will have their own Lifetouch (Yearbook software) login via email

Mandatory attendance of at least 2 SPIRIT days (usually during lunchtime)

Possible Field Trips 

Potential to attend a yearbook training class for two days in early August. You will be contacted by the instructor mid-summer if you made the class with more details. The SPIRIT calendar will be decided during this field trip. 

  • Tour of marketing firm 

  • Tour of printing press

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