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Life Science

5th-6th Grade  [Monday, 12:35-2:00]

Kim Heinecke -

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Tuition: $40/mo

Lab Consumables: $40/one time

Science is a great academic discipline to teach in a group setting. This class will engage students in a variety of science concepts before moving on to more in-depth middle school and high school classes. Students will engage in class discussions, independent study, and hands-on experiments using the scientific method.

The objective of this class is to equip students with a basic understanding of botany, anatomy, and zoology.


  • The World of Plants: Discover the Creator’s handiwork as you study the beauty and intricacy of seeds, leaves, and flowers. Explore trees, fungi, algae, unusual plants, moss, and more. Grow, observe, and experiment with plants.

  • The Human Body: The human body is an incredibly complex and created wonder. Learn about the amazing functions of each system and understand that you are made in God’s image. Create models and observe simple dissection (cow/sheep heart and lungs, etc.)

  • The World of Animals: Discover how each animal was designed by God to be unique, from mammals and slimy frogs to jellyfish, butterflies, and bacteria. Classify and observe the animal world.



Setting up and performing experiments at home can be cumbersome and time consuming for parents. We will conduct many experiments in class and collaboratively discuss the results. Some projects will be initiated in class and continued at home by recording observations.


Students will complete reading assignments, answer study questions, and record observations from class experiments. All of the material will first be introduced in class. Expect to spend approximately 30 minutes each day on homework assignments.



Textbook, 3-ring notebook, notebook paper, colored pencils, (periodic) internet access.
Students also need one LED grow light for indoor plants (less than $15)


God’s Design for Life (This is ONE textbook containing all three units listed above.)
ISBN: 9781683441410

Publisher: Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing
Recommended Retailers: & Mardel

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