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Algebra II

[Monday, 8:50-10:15]

Emily McLeod -

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Tuition: $40/mo

Class Description

Linear inequalities, Matrices and Determinants, Quadratic Functions, Polynomials and Polynomial Functions, Powers, Roots, and Radicals, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, Rational Equations and Functions, Quadratic Relations and Conic Sections, Sequences and Series, and Probability


Required Materials

• 2 spiral or legal notebooks

• pencils

• Calculator – Scientific Calculator 


Required Text

Saxon Algebra 2 text ISBN: 9781600320163 Saxon Algebra 2 solutions manual ISBN: 9781565771437

Work Load

• 4 -5 assignments each week

• Average 1 hour daily work to complete assignments

• Weekly assignments graded by student (and/or parent)

• Tests will be administered and signed by Parent

Teacher Background

Bachelor of Arts in Social Studies Education (Oral Roberts University)

• State of Oklahoma Teacher Certification - Middle level mathematics , Pre-algebra, Intermediate Algebra

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