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Physical Science

9th-12th  [Monday, 10:20-11:45]

Emily McLeod -

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Tuition: $40/mo

Lab Consumables: $40/one time

Class Description

This course is divided into four units – two for chemistry and two for physics. The chemistry units move students from matter and what it is made of to how matter interacts in chemical reactions, nuclear changes, solutions, and acids and bases. In the physics unit, students learn about how matter and energy move and why they move. All this is a quest to understand the world that God created. Case studies help students to think like scientists and to view physical science from a Biblical perspective.​

Required Materials

• 2 spiral or legal notebooks 

• pencils

• Calculator – Scientific Calculator


Required Text

Exploring Creation with Physical Science Student Text (2nd Edition: Apologia)
ISBN: 193201277X


Exploring Creation with Physical Science Solutions and Tests
ISBN: 9781932012781

Work Load

• 4 -5 assignments each week

• Average 45 minutes daily work to complete assignments

• Weekly assignments graded by student (and/or parent)

• Tests will be administered and signed by Parent

Teacher Background

Bachelor of Arts in Social Studies Education (Oral Roberts University)

• State of Oklahoma Teacher Certification 

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