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US Geography

5th-7th Grade  [Monday, 8:50-10:15]

Kim Heinecke -

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Tuition: $40/mo

This class is a survey of America’s people and places, studied by regions of the United States. Students will practice map skills and learn about the country through the five themes of geography—location, place, human-environment interaction, movement, and region.  Class discussions will highlight the positive character traits of the people who helped shape our culture.


The objective of this class is to equip students to better understand the country in which we live. The course is a helpful foundation for US and World History classes.


Assigned weekly, and will include a combination of map skills, reading short selections, scripture reference, and simple writing assignments. Please allocate 1-1.5 hours each week outside of class for homework.


Students will be graded on homework completion, small projects, and participation in class activities and discussions. There will be periodic quizzes and tests to assess the understanding of the material covered in class.


3-ring binder (with 5 dividers), pencil, lined paper, colored pencils (not markers), and internet access for special projects



National Geographic Kids United States Atlas /

ISBN-10: 1426328311 (This is the 5th edition. The 6th edition is now available. Either atlas is acceptable.)

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