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Introduction to Speech Communication

9th-12th Grade  [Monday, 2:05-3:30]

Kim Heinecke -

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Tuition: $40/mo

The objectives for this class will include learning and practicing the basics of organizing and practicing presentations in front of an audience. Students will give 7-9 oral presentations throughout the year.

Class periods will consist of lectures, demonstrations, and peer workshops in which students offer feedback to each other about their planned speeches. Throughout the year we will analyze famous speeches to study best practices in organization, stylistic devices, and communicating with an audience.


The length of presentations will gradually build throughout the year, beginning with a 90-second peer introduction, and gradually increasing to a 10-minute speech. A scoring matrix is provided for each type of presentation and will be evaluated by at least two adults. Students will provide constructive feedback to one another and share highlights from each speech.

Coursework will include:

  • Understanding ethos, pathos, and logos in the context of public speaking

  • Delivery practices

  • Organizing oral presentations

  • Using visual aids

  • Communicating a message with confidence and style

  • Using rhetorical devices in speeches

  • Analyzing famous speeches

  • Compare and contrast public speaking for different occasions


Students will practice the following speeches:

  • Peer introductions

  • Informative speech

  • Persuasive speech

  • How-To speech

  • Storytelling

  • Impromptu speech

  • Sharing scripture thoughts

There is no textbook for this class. Students will be given handouts, take notes in class, complete online reading, and view teaching videos.


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